Who will benefit from India’s push for Nuclear power?

We like to invest in reputed large companies. Among these, there are several possible candidate companies to benefit from India’s nuclear push.

BHEL (BHEL.NS is Thomson Reuters symbol for BHEL) is one such company. There is already a separate discussion on BHEL in Traders Community forum for Investment Ideas/Alert.

Another is LT (Larsen & Toubro). Let us discuss about LT for now.

LT (Thomson Reuters symbol LART.NS) is a large Indian engineering company.

Its stock price has lost more than 12% in last 1 year.

Interestingly, in last 5 years it has hardly changed. Thoug in between it did go up. This again illustrates that even for large established companies like LT, it is necessary to book profit in time.

LT has fallen sharply in recent times. But stabilized for 3 weeks.

India is pushing for Nuclear and is close to sealing deal with Westinghouse for 6 Nuclear plants. India is also discussing with Russia for additional 6 nuclear plants.

LT is one of the companies that may benefit as it supplies nuclear plant parts.

Attached CUE At A Glance chart also demonstrates this.

Does it not look like a good time to buy LT as Longer Term Investment.

What is your tradig system telling you?

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