What’s New in the Latest CUE Trading System Release?

Note: If you are new to CUE charts, you may learn about ALL the CUE Templates and Indicators mentioned here in our Education Center.
What is new in the latest upcoming release of CUE Trading System?

​Quite a few changes actually. Having one singular theme in common. To making investing more easy and unambiguous. All using color coding and some very fine programming under the hood.

When are these enhancements available? For CUE traders who procured the system from Superior Profit Store, the changes will be available from Superior Profit Client Download page starting from Monday 20th June 2016. For CUE System procured through other channels, clients would be notified by respective channels as soon as they are available for download.

Feel free to Contact Us for any query you might have on these enhancements.

Here is a list of the changes:

    • Changing the color scheme of Activity bar for Extreme and Very High indicating dots. Extreme High is colored as cyan dot. Very High Activity is colored as green dot. Extreme Low is shwon as magenta dot and Very Low is represented by red dot.

    • For Decision Template it is easier to see if Stretch Release is appearing at Pendulum extreme. Bearish Stretch Release at Pendulum High is colored as magenta down arrow. Otherwise, Bearish Stretch Release is colored as red down arrow. Similarly, Bullish Stretch Release at Pendulum Low is colored as cyan up arrow. Otherwise, Bullish Stretch Release is colored as green up arrow.

    • For Hop On Template it is easier to see if Headwind Release is appearing at Pendulum extreme. Bearish Headwind at Pendulum High is colored as magenta diamond. Otherwise, Bearish Headwind is colored as red diamond. Similarly, Bullish Headwind at Pendulum Low is colored as cyan diamond. Otherwise, Bullish Stretch Release is colored as green diamond. ​

    • Memory lines have been totally redeveloped using Superior Profit’s logic that was so far available to only the most active Superior Profit traders on a separate (non Metastock) proprietary brokerage platform. The Memory Resistance lines are descending red lines. And Memory Support lines are ascending green lines. In addition to Memory lines being present in Daily and Weekly time frames, the enhanced logic allows them to be drawn on Fine Tune / Power Tune 5 minute interval charts.

    • For Option Traders, it is useful to see when Option Prices are high. To make this analysis easier, Option Boundary from Decision has been removed and a new CUE Option Trading Template has been created. This does not only include the Option Boundary. But also includes the CUE Option Volatility indicator at the lower panel. The bars in the CUE Option Trading chart are now colored with Uncertainty color. Which also reflects Option pricing. As usual in CUE Charts, cyan color indicates Extreme High Uncertainty. Green represents Very High Uncertainty. Similarly, magenta indicates Extreme Low and red indicates Very Low Uncertainty. Yellow represents medium Uncertainty. Such information on Uncertainty and Option Volatility may be used in many ways by Options traders including when buying Options may be optimal and when selling Options may be optimal.

    • Superior Profit Investors and Traders often look for Double/Triple Top/Bottom formations to see if there is a potential opportunity to catch the investment at the highest/lowest possible price. To view the Top/Bottom formations more easily, we have created a new CUE Clean Chart Template. This includes clear Candle bars with Memory lines and a newly developed Watermark indicator. The Watermark levels are drawn on the Candle chart to clearly show where the Stock could go up to (or down do) in each of its wave formations. Such Watermark makes Double Top/Bottom identification easy.

    • Bounce Sonar (Explorer in Metastock) is now more accurate with the enhanced Memory line logic implemented in the CUE charts.
    • Map Template has been renamed Pendulum Template to easily remember that the Candles in this Template are colored by Pendulum color.
    • The three indicators that may need editing to set up your local Investment Market specific set ups (Benchmark, Session and Liquidity) now appear at top of the Indicators list. Making these more easily accessible.

We started the post with What Is New.

It is now time to WIN. And keep winning.

While our developers were working on these new enhancements, our traders were conducing the marathon four hour session of Superior Profit University Batch 1 Session 5 (final session). In that session we had gone through many live charts. Including some that looked interesting through Superior Profit Analysis.

We had mentioned Oil Services Industry in that class. A group that has languished while Oil has recovered considerably from its low point.

Why don’t we then look at a Oil Services company to hone our skill with the latest CUE Charts?

​Below is the CUE At A Glance view of RIG, Transocean – a large oil services company in USA Market.

Weekly Backdrop Bullish. Daily Traffic Bullish.

Does it look like a Go With Flow Trend Following Long Opportunity for a stock that is coming out of Pendulum Low in Weekly (Headwind is Cyan !). The stock is supported by Memory Support in both Weekly and Daily charts. With next Memory Resistance in Daily chart more than 25% of stock move away. And the Weekly beginning of up move is preceded by by a Headwind Bullish force of 26th Feb 2016 – which, incidentally, caught the Absolute Low of RIG (how nice !). RIG is clearly out performing broad market (S&P500) as seen from Relative Performance.

All that information gleaned from this single CUE At A Glance Template in minutes (in fact Superior Profit Traders after some practice can read it in less than a minute … easily).

You may apply the other latest CUE charts (Decision, Clear Chart, Option Trading) on this symbol to decide if you have a winning opportunity here.

​You will probably find that the usual easy and unambiguous way of making investment decisions using CUE charts got a bit easier with these carefully crafted enhancements.

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