Proven techniques using robust systems.

CUE systems and techniques enable you to simplify trading decisions using complete, unambiguous, easy to use systems and 360° analysis encompassing market breadth and trend, sector-industry rotation, stock fundamental & peer analysis as well as chart technical analysis.

proven Investing techniques

The fundamental analysis made simple for global stocks.

Complete, unambiguous, easy to use technical analysis for all instruments in the global markets.

robust systems on award winning platforms

CUE system on Metastock, CUE Global, is a complete, unambiguous, easy to use technical analysis system that you can use for all instruments in global markets to trade in any style of your preference, be it long-term investing, swing trading or day trading.

CUE system on TradeStation®, CUE Elite, is a lightning-fast trading system for the USA market that allows you to place the trade on the same platform that you use to analyze your instruments.

CUE system on Refinitiv Xenith), CUE Edge and CUE Vital give you the ability to see industry-sector-rotation in real-time, find the fundamentally strong stocks in the most robust industry and align your trades with the forces of the sector-industry and stock fundamentals, all using visual tools and taking no more than a few minutes.

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