Identify Market Moves using Technical Trading System


Technical Traders rely on Market’s move as printed on the chart to enter and exit trades and aim to profit from the same. They use a Technical Trading System to decide their trade entry and exit.

A Technical Trading System is not an indicator or a group of indicators. It is not a few chart templates or Scanning programs. It is all of those and yet much more.

A reliable Technical Trading System has the following essential attributes.

Simplify Live with Easy to Interpret Indicators and Charts

The Market is a competitive arena. If your Technical Indicators and Charts are not easy to use, trading itself will prove difficult and probably loss making. It is wiser to use Indicators and Charts that are simple and then focus on where you should focus, the Market. It is better to have Indicators that are robust enough so that you don’t need to keep playing with their settings. Be it the look-back days or thresholds to be compared with, if any.

​CUE Charts do not need any parameters or thresholds to worry about. CUE colored Indicators are consistently coded and are easy to interpret if they are Bullish (green or cyan), Bearish (red or magenta) or Neutral (yellow). CUE line Indicators are Bullish if they are tilting up and vice versa. Interpreting Indicators could not be easier than that. On top of that, each of the CUE Chart Templates are designed for specific task in mind, CUE Hop On for entering a trade, CUE Hop Off for exiting a trade etc. You just use the Template for the task at hand.


Take Trades with Confidence applying Unambiguous Checklists

​​It is not useful to see the middle of a chart and imagine how easily you could enter a trade and make huge profit. Instead, what is really needed is a way to identify a Trade Entry at the right edge of the chart without ambiguity. CUE System achieves this by using checklists, one for each of the Trade Setups. The Checklists unambiguously tells you if there is a trade opportunity or not.


We have identified four distinct Market Conditions: Trending where a Market goes up or down over multiple swings. Reversing when after a prolonged trend move the Market shows signs of weakness (CUE Headwind Signal). Sideways where a Market is bound between approximately equal Highs and Lows. And Exhausting in which a Market drops sharply and suddenly with heavy volume.

​For each of the Market Conditions, we have devised only one CUE Trade Setup. Go With Flow for Trending Market, Headwind for Reversing Market, Box for Sideways Market and Bounce for Exhausting Market. The setups may be evaluated using Unambiguous Checklists in few seconds. These checklists let you avoid second-guessing and take trades confidently at the right edge of the chart.

Rest Assured with Rational Basis of the Technical Trading System

​​It is not useful to see the middle of a chart and imagine how easily you could enter a trade and make huge profit. Instead, what is really needed is a way to identify a Trade Entry at the right edge of the chart without ambiguity. CUE System achieves this by using checklists, one for each of the Trade Setups. The Checklists unambiguously tells you if there is a trade opportunity or not.

Your Technical Trading System needs to have a rational basis for making a profit. Not just be an esoteric black-box that does not explain how you are identifying, entering and exiting trades.

To be profitable in real life, a Technical Trading System should provide a reasonable basis for trade entry and exit that generate profit without taking excessive risk. It should identify trades that have reasonable Reward Risk Ratio. And it needs to have a high Success Rate regarding the percentage of winning trades.

​CUE System is a rational Technical Trading System to make a consistent profit, as explained in multiple videos in the Education Center.


Go, Trade with Speed, yet, Not In a Hurry


The Market is full of opportunities, and you do not need to hurry into an investment or trade.

At the same time, if the Technical Trading System is taking you a long time to make each entry and exit decisions you will be at a disadvantage. Others may enter the trade at an at a better price. They may book profit at the right time before it is too late.

​An effective Technical Trading System enables you to identify and enter trades at the opportune moment.

CUE Technical Trading System allows you to make those decisions with speed. You need less than thirty minutes when you want to open a new trade. CUE Sonar program can go through hundreds or even thousands of Stocks of your interest and identify potential trade setups in a matter of minutes. You have one and only one sonar for each of the four possible Market conditions. And you need to run only the Sonar for the current Market condition. You may confirm the trade using the CUE At A Glance chart template. As the name suggests, all you need is a glance to decide if there is a valid trade setup or not. Saving precious time and allowing you to Buy and Sell at the best possible price levels. You may learn about the CUE Sonar program, the CUE Chart Templates from the books in our Education Center.

Be a Complete Trader with a Complete Technical Trading System

A Complete Technical Trading System, allows you to enter trades using any instrument (Stock, Options, Futures, Forex, etc.). It allows you to trade in any of the Global Markets (the USA, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, China, India, etc.). It lets you invest or trade in your style, be it Long-Term Investment, Short Term Swing Trading or Day Trading. At the same time, it should have different techniques for those trading styles. For example, methods and Indicators for taking Long Term Investments are very different from that of Swing Trading. And Day Trading needs entirely different Indicators (zero lag or near zero lag Indicators) and entry/exit mechanics. Trying to use the same chart for Long-Term Investing, Swing Trading and Day Trading by merely altering the time interval on charts is akin to try to use the same vehicle for launching a satellite, for delivering pizza as well as for boring underground tunnels.


CUE Technical Trading Systems gives you precisely the Completeness you seek in a Technical Complete Trading System. Be a complete trader with CUE Systems and face the Market, fully armed and confident. Learn more about how to analyze and take different styles of trades from the blogs in the Education Center.

Use a Robust System that Runs on a Robust Platform


When you trade, you put your hard earned money at risk. You would probably like to do that only when you know your trading system is running on a robust platform.

CUE Technical Trading System runs on award-winning platforms. CUE Global is a Metastock Trading System runs on the Metastock Platform that may be used to invest in any country of the world.

​CUE Elite is a Tradestation Trading System is meant for the USA Market and provides for super fast trade analysis as well trade placing on the same platform.

Learn Your Trading System using the Means You Prefer

You need a Technical Trading System you can master without requiring a doctorate. You need detail explanation of every nut and bolt as well as the trading system as a whole.

The training material needs to show you how to apply the concepts in the Market with live examples, not with pre-selected charts and neatly collated slide decks. The Technical Trading System’s techniques should come alive in a free and open to the public Traders’ Forum where trade ideas using the Technical Trading System are regularly shared. What better way to master a system than by walking through live trade analysis? Nothing less would be satisfactory to a serious trader.

The material needs to be complete in themselves, covering audio, visuals, books and live sessions.

Lastly but not the least, it should not cost you an arm and a leg.


We have put together an exhaustive set of materials for you to master CUE Technical Trading System at your own pace using your preferred means.

​You may learn CUE Systems from the easy to follow videosbooksblogs and live classes we have put together for you in our Education Center. And see live trade analysis in the Weekly Market Roundups as well as in the Traders Forum.

​If you need further assistance, just Contact Us. We are here for you.

From Technical Analysis to 360° Analysis

​You may make a profit buying a Stock only if it goes up after that. Technical Analysis using CUE Systems shows if a Stock is likely to go up. Therefore, Technical Analysis is essential as it shows where a Stock is moving.

You have two best of class Trading Systems in CUE Global for global investing and  CUE Elite for the USA Market focused trading.

Many retail traders tend to use only Technical Analysis. Why not add something more to your arsenal without spending too much extra time?


​No big investor or fund buys a Stock without first analyzing if the Stock is Fundamentally Strong. That is, without carrying out a Fundamental Analysis. They follow a Fundamental Trading System, you might say, in addition to using a Technical Trading system.

Retail Traders tended to avoid that as they find it difficult to carry out that assessment efficiently and unambiguously. Not anymore. You may use CUE Vital and CUE Edge to carry out Fundamental, Peer Analysis as well as Industry Rotation Analysis in Real Time. If you prefer to analyze at the end of the day, you may use CUE Scorecards. In either way, adding a few minutes, you can identify a Stock that is not only at a Technical Buy Point, but also is Fundamentally Strong relative to its peers and is in an Industry that is rotating in favor at the same time.

That is the CUE 360° Analysis. See it in live action in our Weekly Market Roundups. Download the CUE Sight 360° and get notifications on actionable insights and much more.

Adopt it as your own and raise your trading to a higher level.​

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