Authentic, Proven, Simple approach to Make Consistent Profit

Complete System

  • Single system to trade all major exchanges and instruments (stocks, options, futures, forex) for Day Trading, Swing Trading and Long Term Investment.

Unambiguous System

  • Every indicator can be read and interpreted in totally unambiguous manner in seconds.
  • Precise checklist on ready made templates to decide whether to take a Long trade, Short trade or Stand Aside without ambiguity in minutes

Easy to Use System

  • Search for potential trades from entire symbol list in minutes; encompassing Trend Following, Trend Reversal as well as Exhaustion trade set ups.
  • Consistently color coded indicators so that both experienced and novice traders interpret a stock in exact same way.
  • Ready templates for entering and exiting Day Trade. Swing Trade and Long Term Investment allowing trading decision in minutes.
  • No need to set parameters, read confusing threshold levels or figure out whether convergence or divergence exists.

Validated System

  • Scores of trades shared in publicly accessible Traders Community.
  • Trade result supported by brokerage snapshot of profit / loss instead of hollow client testimonials of how useful a system and training is without brokerage statement proof.

Self Directed Learning

  • Comprehensive training material using Videos, Books with color charts covering every signal, template and trade set up, Blog to read what a trader is thinking and regular Live Classes to learn how to find, enter and exit Superior Profit trades.
  • Entire training material is accessible to public via computer, tablet and mobile.

Superior Profit University

  • End to end education on Superior Profit Way of Investing Profitably.
  • Hours of live interactive classes in multiple sessions using webinar; no canned video.
  • Modular classes explaining Low Risk Entry, Profit Booking, Risk Management and much more.
  • Covering Long Term Investment, Swing Trade and Day Trade using multiple instruments globally.
  • Each idea explained with live charts – zero use of presentation slides.
  • Quiz to sharpen your skill. And access to elite Graduates Club once you learn to trade profitably Superior Profit Way.

Public Trading Rooms

  • Trading Rooms accessible to public covering major Trading Markets (USA, India, and many others being added) and both Short Term Trading as well as Long Term Investment.
  • Watch, follow and learn  how Superior Profit traders are finding, entering and exiting trades.
  • Instantaneously join Superior Profit Traders Community using only your email id or Facebook id  to follow others’ trades and share your own trade ideas.

Authentic Approach

  • No offering of “introductory seminar” or “base system” only to be tricked into buying expensive training and / or software.
  • imple and Modular Offer at Store: Choose the market you trade (AMER, APAC or EMEA) and choose whether you need Real Time System or Daily Chart System. That’s all.
  • Download and install and start using the system in minutes.
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