Authentic, Proven, Simple approach to Make Consistent Profit

Complete System

  • Single system to trade all major exchanges and instruments (stocks, options, futures, forex) for Day Trading, Swing Trading and Long Term Investment.

Unambiguous System

  • Every indicator can be read and interpreted in totally unambiguous manner in seconds.
  • Precise checklist on ready made templates to decide whether to take a Long trade, Short trade or Stand Aside without ambiguity in minutes

Easy to Use System

  • Search for potential trades from entire symbol list in minutes; encompassing Trend Following, Trend Reversal as well as Exhaustion trade set ups.
  • Consistently color coded indicators so that both experienced and novice traders interpret a stock in exact same way.
  • Ready templates for entering and exiting Day Trade. Swing Trade and Long Term Investment allowing trading decision in minutes.
  • No need to set parameters, read confusing threshold levels or figure out whether convergence or divergence exists.

Validated System

  • Scores of trades shared in publicly accessible Traders Community.
  • Trade result supported by brokerage snapshot of profit / loss instead of hollow client testimonials of how useful a system and training is without brokerage statement proof.

Self Directed Learning

  • End to end education on Superior Profit Way of Investing Profitably.
  • Hours of live interactive classes in multiple sessions using webinar; no canned video.
  • Each idea explained with live charts – zero use of presentation slides.

Authentic Approach

  • No offering of “introductory seminar” or “base system” only to be tricked into buying expensive training and / or software.
  • Simple and Modular Offer at Store: Choose the market you trade (AMER, APAC or EMEA) and choose whether you need Real Time System or Daily Chart System. That’s all. Refer to choices if you need more information to make up your mind.
  • Download and install and start using the CUE systems in minutes.
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