Next Stock to Buy in Jakarta Exchange?

One of my friends was interested to see how the Superior Profit System could be used in countries other than USA and India: the two countries for which Superior Profit Community has dedicated Trading Rooms and active traders in those Trading Rooms.
This is what I did to find it out – all steps taken using Superior Profit CUE Global Trading System.

Created a list of liquid stocks for Jakarta exchange – this is Superior Profit Traders’ usual starting point for any country/market.
Ran Sonar (Pendulum Low) to find out which of the liquid stocks were at unusually low price level.
Among the stocks at Pendulum Low, I ran multiple Sonar scans to find out if there were suitable Bounce (Support Level based), Headwind (Reversal) or Go With Flow (Trend Following) trade opportunity. We found few worth looking at through ready made Superior Profit At A Glance Template.
Upon examining the shortlist identified in last step, we zeroed in on one stock based on At A Glance. Here is how the Weekly chart looks through Backdrop Template:

With the Weekly aligned with a possible Long trade, we looked at Daily chart – through Hop On Template. And this is what we found.

To be clear, the Sector is pretty broad a category to decide on the individual stock’s buy/no-buy decision. I did not find an appropriate Thomson Reuters symbol for the Industry to which the stock belongs. So we have to leave the sector/industry analysis at the Sector level. With a comment that as of Friday, this company’s Industry was the largest gainer within the Sector.

And if I did not mention before, this particular stock was largest gainer among its peer group on Friday ….

Let us look at one last bit of fundamental data: EPS Growth seems to be picking up:

Daily too, seems favorable to a possible Long trade.

In summary, we found a potential Long Term Investment stock – which fell substantially – stopped at a level where it stopped for the 3rd time in more than a year. And starting to turn up.

The trade has extremely attractive Reward Risk Ratio – a typical Superior Profit Long Term Trade/Investment opportunity.

Superior Profit Swing Traders (trades lasting few days to few weeks) usually don’t worry about fundamentals much.

For Longer Term Investors, however, fundamental factors may be a thing to look at. Let us spend some time on that.

First let us look at the sector to which the company belongs – through Hop On Template.

Now, we could probably look at more and more fundamental data – trying to make a case in favor of buying the Stock at this point. And probably we could also line up a set of fundamental data to argue against buying the stock. And make ourselves and the readers confused along the way. Finally leading them to make buy/not-buy based on whatever subjective bias they already had in their mind.

That is not Superior Profit Way.

Instead, Superior Profit trader make their primary decision based on objective analysis of what they see on the chart. And based on that, this looks a pretty good Long Term Buy with attractive Reward Risk Ratio.

If you have noticed, I did not disclose the name of the company or the sector.

This is the point: Whether the stock name is A or B, based on the data I shared, probably any Superior Profit trader will get ready to go Long on this stock. That is, again, the Superior Profit Way – to use an unbiased set of factors to analyze a stock. Not to be influenced by one’s bias towards or against a stock or industry or sector.

Are you interested to find the name of the stock? To actually take a Long trade at the right time in this Jakarta exchange listed company?

This is XL Axiata (EXCL.JK).

Do well. No reason not to do so.

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