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You’re invited to join us in Singapore on November 6, 2018 for a morning of live, in-person trading instruction.

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You don’t want to miss this live event! Industry Experts are going to show you what it takes to be a successful trader in ANY market with ANY account size. This event is for traders of any level, and all presentations allow you ask questions and interact directly with the instructors. You’ll learn about time-tested techniques that will help you reach your trading goals. This event is free, but we expect it to reach capacity. Register now to save your seat

About the Presentations

Trade confidently in global stock markets with 360° analysis - Sagar Nandi

Every trade is probabilistic. You cannot guarantee the result beforehand. How can you then place a trade confidently? You do that by aligning as many forces as you can with your trade. For stock investing, these are market forces, sector-industry forces, fundamental strength, and low-risk technical set up. Sounds a lot? Using CUE systems you can carry these out in a matter of minutes. Your confidence also comes from the unambiguity of the indicators, charts, trade setups. It comes from the award-winning Metastock platform and best of class data that is coming from Thomson Reuters.

Join Sagar as he briefly explains the CUE systems at your disposal for 360° analysis of global stocks and then walks through a lot of trade ideas that were shared using the same comprehensive technique, analyzing stocks at the right edge of the chart. And learn to trade with complete confidence in any market situation.

Trading concepts that will be discussed in the session: Unambiguity, Completeness, Ease of use, Any Market Situation, Flexible Scanning, 360° Analysis, Sector-Industry Rotation, Fundamental and Peer Analysis, Technical Buy Point/Trade Setup.

Sagar Nandi studied Engineering in Telecommunications and a Masters in Computer Science in India before completing his Executive MBA degree in Singapore. He worked in large multi-nationals; including as APAC Vice President of Consulting for Oracle Corporation's Communications Global Business Unit and as Managing Director, India of German multi-national Orga Systems. He left full-time job five years ago and nowadays spends time traveling between USA, Singapore, Thailand and India and trading in Global Markets. Register now to save your seat

MetaStock XVI - Hunter Smith

Be among the first to discover the new features in the most powerful software available to the private trader... The NEW MetaStock XVI analysis platform! Whether you are a current MetaStock user or not, you will not want to miss this opportunity to meet with a MetaStock Expert who can answer your questions about technical analysis and trading with MetaStock XVI. In this session you will learn the following:

  • Answers to the questions: How do I find securities to trade? When should I get in and out of a trade? How can I test my trading systems?
  • How to use the new re-imagined MetaStock Explorer to scan the markets for immediate trading opportunities.
  • How to use the NEW Dave Landry Systems like Bowtie and Kiss MA Goodbye Setups.
  • How to explore with the NEW Candle Patterns Scans.
  • How to use the NEW Built-in Adaptive Cycle Toolkit to get signals based on the work of John Ehlers.
  • How to use the Sector Stat Experts to determine strength and weakness in the market.
  • How to easily edit local data right in MetaStock.
  • Discover how we've responded to client requests with improved usability.

Hunter Smith works in the MetaStock Business Development department. He oversees all Metastock partnerships in the Asia/Pacific, South American, and Canadian regions. Hunter has presented at many MetaStock webinars and at TradeShows and prides himself on helping traders of all levels to understand the value of technical analysis. Register now to save your seat

BONUS:You can get deals on MetaStock XVI and market data at this live event that are not available anywhere else!

Location and Time

This free live event is on Tuesday, November 6th from 9 am to 12:00 noon at 10 Anson Road, International Plaza #10-26 Singapore 079903 - Freedom and Knowledge room.

We expect this event to reach capacity. Register now to save your spot! For more info call +1-801-506-0900 or Chat Live with a product professional


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Learn 360° analysis technique by seeing CUE systems in action on the live market​.

Complete top-down analysis: start from the market, drill down into sectors, industries and stocks. See what worked and what lies ahead.

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