Longer Term Investment: Buying solid companies at discount

For Longer Term Investmetn, Superior Profit members look for strong companies to fall down (for temporary poor performance, market sentiment or some other reason …). And then wait for it to start turning up. Not trying to catch a falling knife. But riding the bus just as it starts in motion – upward for the stock.

IBM is such a stock. It is a large company that has underperformed the market in recent times. It is down about 10% in last year. While S&P500 is up about 3%.

IBM was above 215 in Mar 2013. And today (15th Dec 2015) it is at about 139. A decline of more than 35%.

Recently IBM has displayed Bullish signals as seen through At A Glance template of CUE charts.

Weekly had a Bullish Headwind a few weeks ago – the stock has not gone back to that low.

A recent Daily Bullish Headwind also precisely caught the bottom of that swing low.

Today IBM has gapped up and has broken Memory Trendline Resistance.

The stock has turned up with High High and Higher Low in Daily – implying start of an up trend for now.

This may be a sweet spot to get IBM for Long Term Investment. Or for Swing Trade for faster traders.

Below is the At A Glance chart that helped us analysze all that in matter of minutes.

Our bullish call on IBM is based on unambiguous and easy to read color based signals on the chart.

What is your call on IBM? How does your system help you to arrive at the investment decision easily and unambiguously?

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