Last 2 Headwinds caught the Bottom. Will it now catch the Top now?

From our daily Scan we see that CROCS has a Bearish Headwind Signal. And the stock is at Value Area … it did go up in an overall downtrend and paused right at resistance. And the Headwind signal showed up right at this top of temporary up move.

Will it go down? We are never sure. However, we rely on the Headwind signal. It works more often than not for Supeiror Profit Investors. And the Stop is narrow. This may be a good Short candidate.

Below is the Daily Chart using Hop On (the trade !) view as of Friday end of day.

We could identify the opportunity using Sonar in a matter of minutes. And selected this (CROX.O) for potential Short on Monday.

Our Superior Profit Investors having Real Time data might watch the stock using Fine Tune Real Time template and trigger the Short based on Real Time movements seen through that (yet another) compact and easy to use template.

Does your system let you identify trading opportunities easily in an unambiguous way? Our CUE system allows that. As in this case.

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