How long will Steel remain weak? Time to look for strength in it?

Superior Profit investors are always looking for bargain. Specially the Long Term Investors in Superior Profit.

Some of them took a Long position in Indian steel company Tata Steel a few days ago. Tata Steel is holding on to its gains.

Meanwhile, we may have a look at the At A Glance chart of US Steel (X) – and see if we can find a Long Term Investment opportunity there. With narrow stop loss. And large potential profit.

Some investors like to wait for all signals to be clear – like in this case, for X to break out of the Triangle pattern in Daily.

Some otthers enter the trade in anticipation. Making sure to put a Hard Stop in case their anticipation is not honored by the Stock.

There is no right or wrong approach. It is a matter of temperament of the investor.

Key is to have a robust system that is easy and unambiguous system. That sllows one to identify opportunites quickly, easily. Like we located US Steel in minutes using Supeiror Profit Sonar.

Where will X go from here in your view?

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