How crazy or disciplined you have to be to Buy this Stock at its lowest point?
How crazy or disciplined you have to be to Buy this Stock at its lowest point?

How crazy or disciplined you have to be to Buy this Stock at its lowest point?

Here is a Daily Chart of an Indian Stock using CUE Trade Entry (Non-Trending) Chart Template. The snapshot was taken today.

Did you notice that this Stock went up by 37% from the Low of the reversal day to today? By the time its trend change will be visible to others, it would have gone up by a considerable percentage. Would you like to capture some of that move? What about catching the majority of that move?

For that one needs to have some non-trending trade entry tactics in one’s arsenal.

Do you have that in your trading system?

Would you Buy this Stock on the day when price reversed with Heavy Activity? You probably think that someone has to be out of his mind to Buy the Stock at that point.

And you will be right unless you have a robust system and techniques that allow you to identify opportunities like this.

If you are using CUE Systems, using CUE Charts and CUE Unambiguous Checklists you could Buy the Stock near the lowest level.

The Stock gave a Bounce Long Entry signal on the reversal day marked on the Daily chart. Here is the Unambiguous Checklist for the Bounce and other CUE Trade Setups.

Where is the Trendline (Memory) Support? That is in the CUE Weekly chart, coming from far far away, and it provided excellent support. The automatically drawn smart trendlines (Memory lines) helped you capture the very low of the Stock once again.

Using the Memory Line on the Weekly chart, you could even anticipate a Bounce and then using the Daily chart’s reversal day catch the very low point of the stock.

Others have not taken notice of the Stock going up yet. It will be another few days or weeks before they will notice the Stock moving up.

And by that time you would probably capture 30-50% profit in the trade. If you are not taking such trades yet, it is probably time to start identifying some of these low-risk, high-profit trades.

What is the Stock? Majestic Research Services and Solutions (MAJS.BO).

One more piece of CUE insight, the Stock’s Industry is starting to strengthen after prolonged weakness. That is another factor in favor of the long trade in this Stock.

Together, CUE Charts and CUE Sector/Industry Analysis gives you some of the best probability and lowest risk trades, as was in this example.

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