Go With Flow Trend Following Trade Signal
​Signal for Swing Trade Entry
Signal for Long Term Investment Entry

Go With Flow is a trend following trade. Majority (about seventy percent or so) of Superior Profit trades belong to this category. This is a trade that most traders feel comfortable taking as this goes with the prevailing and common wisdom of “Trend is Your Friend”. As we are trading with the trend, one may take the trade on Signal Day itself without waiting for follow through the next day.

Go With Flow trades usually reach the Boundary or Memory line in trade direction and that is usually a good place to book partial (or full profit). And leave remaining position with Breakeven or Trailing Stop.

Trade is taken only if Potential Reward (distance between Entry Price and Initial Profit Target) is at least as much as Potential Risk (distance between Entry Price and Initial Stop Loss).

Daily CUE Hop On Chart Checklist

​All of following conditions
​Go With Flow Long
​Go With Flow Short
​Flow or Traffic Candle color
​Bullish ­- Cyan / Green
​Bearish ­- Magenta / Red
​Fast Direction Line
​Bullish ­- Ascending
​Bearish -­ Descending
​Standard Direction Line
Bullish ­- Ascending
​​Bearish -­ Descending
​Relative Performance
​Bullish ­- Ascending
​​Bearish -­ Descending
​Candle chart
Bullish ­- Higher High and
Higher Low
Bearish – Lower High and Lower Low
​Candle shape
Bullish ­-Hollow or one with
long Lower Tail
Bearish ­- Solid or with long Upper Tail
​Movement (Momentum, Speed, Acceleration)*
Bullish – Green
Bearish ­- Red
​Reward Risk Ratio
​At least one or more
​At least one or more

​* Some traders may choose to take the Long trade without waiting for Momentum to change to green for Long or red for Short. This may lead to a slight earlier entry resulting in better Reward Risk Ratio. At same time, it may slightly increase the chance of being stopped out. The decision on whether to ignore the Momentum for Go With Flow trade entry is a personal choice. To help both style of traders, the Sonar program that searches for Go With Flow trades ignores the Momentum signal. And leaves the final decision in the hands of the trader.

Weekly CUE Backdrop Chart Checklist

​All of following conditions
​Go With Flow Long
​Go With Flow Short
​Backdrop Candle color
Bullish ­- Cyan
Bearish ­- Magenta

Go With Flow Charts

  • Occidental Petroleum, an Oil and Gas Exploration company in the USA, broke out of Memory Triangle in Daily CUE Hop On chart. It also broke out of Memory Resistance in Weekly Backdrop. Together, these charts signal a Long Go With Flow Trade Setup and the trade could be entered at the end of the last Daily Candle.

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