Finding Low Risk High Probability Short opportunity at Market top

It is tempting but never easy to try to catch the top of a market or stock.

Tempting as we see market / stock(s) are trying to go up several times but failing.

Not easy as it often gets stopped out.

One way to profitably Short at top is to use a robust signal that the instrument is hitting resistance. That we do using Headwind signal.

And making sure Stop Loss is small – that we do using our Protection signal on the chart.

We found Constellation Brands (STZ) showing Bearish Headwind signal / set up today – we found it using Sonar program.

Here is the chart / set up.

This potential trade idea was also posted in Superior Profit Traders’ Community.

You may be using a different system to identify and execute trades. What is your system telling about STZ today? Will you buy it at the top, Short it? Or stand aside? Does your system let you decide all these in an easy and unambiguous manner?

Our CUE system allows us to do that. In few minutes every day. Like we identified STZ today.

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