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Real-Time Stock Fundamental & Peer-Analysis using Scorecard and Heat-Map

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Be your real-time fundamental analyst

What used to take retail traders weeks or even months of hard work in the past, you can achieve that in minutes, in real time. With CUE Vital, you can be own stock fundamental analyst and invest with confidence. And you can analyze stocks in all the major markets of the world, not only in the USA but also in London, Japan, Hong Kong, China, India, Singapore, etc.

A stock’s fundamental plays a crucial role in its up move. It dictates if bigger players will come in if the stock drops. Finding a robust fundamental stock is probably your best insurance against significant drawdown.

It is important to note that a stock’s fundamental numbers in itself do not mean much if anything. They must be compared with peer stocks to find the real strength or weakness of a stock. The CUE Vital helps you carry out this critical step of peer analysis using a single click in real-time.

You type the ticker symbol, choose the peer relationship and hit the analyze button. CUE Vital will do the rest for you. You can choose from multiple peer relationships including industry peers, sector peers, country peers or even global peers to find that very best stock before placing your buy order.

Instead of using a specific stock as a starting point, you could also input your list; a list that you might have received, a portfolio that you may be holding or some other list of your interest. CUE Vital will instantly show you which of them are investment worthy and which ones are not. Based on your personal preference like valuation, growth, dividend yield %, price performance, so on and so forth.

Using CUE Vital, you can buy the fundamentally robust stocks and exit the weak ones using visual tools, in real-time, well ahead of others.

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You can carry out a comprehensive stock fundamental and peer analysis for any stock in all the major markets of the world and make confident trading decisions in real time.



Use visual heat-map and color-coded scorecard to know stock strength and weakness intuitively across multiple dimensions including valuation, growth, dividend yield %, short squeeze potential and much more.

Real time

Carry out the stock fundamental and peer analysis in real time and take your trade with full confidence well ahead of others.

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Unlike other tools that attempt to inundate you with hundreds of fundamental data that confuse more than help, CUE Vital lets you focus on what is essential and ignore the rest. You can decide in minutes, if not seconds if a stock is strong or weak, relative to its peers.

Complete power to the trader

Build a routine matching your style

Are you a value investor? A growth investor? Dividend player? Want to focus on large-cap stocks or prefer mid-small caps? Want to get into high-beta stocks? Looking for stocks that may run up sharply as they have short squeeze potential? Do you fancy turn-around candidates or proven winners of the past? All these and much more is now at your fingertips. You can focus on stocks that match your style using single-click sorting and natural filtering.

Buy only the best stock

Many traders come across a single stock that looks good to them, and they buy it. You can separate yourself and bring your trading expertise to a whole new level by using CUE Vital to carry out an in-depth peer analysis to check if this is the best stock among peers. You will be surprised how often you choose a different stock to buy based on the CUE Vital peer analysis. Whether you are a long-term investor or short-term trader, the visual scorecard will point to the best stock in real time.

Speed up with auto mode or use your own list

You can run vital in auto mode by merely entering a ticker symbol and let it show the best alternatives for you, depending on your criteria of value, growth, etc. Alternatively, you may use your favorite list; it could be the market index components like S&P500, a list you have received from a newsletter or any other source; and look for the best fundamental stocks to buy from there. Whether you use the auto mode peer analysis on a single ticker symbol or carry out peer comparison of a list you have prepared, you get to identify the best stocks in real time.

Complete your 360° analysis

After finding the strong fundamental stocks from CUE Vital, look for the low-risk, high-probability buy-point using CUE technical trading system, CUE Elite or CUE Global, completing the top-down approach. Alternatively, you can first identify stocks at or near buy-point using CUE technical analysis and then confirm the fundamental strength using Vital, using the bottom-up approach. You can complement CUE Vital with CUE Edge to ascertain the industry-sector strength in real-time. Whatever be your plan, top-down, bottom-up or a mixture of both, CUE systems have you covered.

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