Make Technical Analysis Unambiguous and Easy

For All Global Markets

CUE Global System Requirements: Metastock XV (or later).
  • Invest and Trade in your Preferred Style: Long-Term Investing, Short Term Trading and Day Trading, using Distinct Search and Entry/Exit Techniques.
  • Trade All Instruments (Stocks, Options, Forex, Futures, etc.) in All Countries using a Uniform Approach.
  • Confidently face Every Market Condition (Trending, Reversing, Sideways, and Exhausting) using Matching Trade Setups, Sonar Scans, and Chart Templates.
  • Execute each Trading Task (Trade Entry, Trade Exit, etc.) in less than a minute with Task-Specific Uniformly Color-Coded Templates and Sonar Scans.
  • Let Sonar Scans do the hard work Scanning Hundreds of Stocks to Look for the potential Trade Setup.
  • Easily Identify Trade Setups at the Right Edge of the Chart using Unambiguous Entry Checklists.
  • Eliminate the Confusion and Hassle of Setting Parameters and Comparing Values with Thresholds.
  • Locate Stocks that are at Value and Starting to Go Up for Long-Term Investing.
  • Capture the Precise Swing Highs and Lows for Short-Term Trading.
  • Use Zero-Lag Indicators for Day Trading.
  • Identify a Technical Buy/Short Point and then look up the Stock’s Fundamental Strength using CUE Vital and its Industry Strength using CUE Edge, completing the Bottom-Up Approach.
  • Transfer shortlisted Stocks from CUE Edge Industry Analysis or CUE Vital Fundamental Analyst to CUE Charts, completing the Top-Down Approach.

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