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Lightning fast Technical Trading System for the USA market

Complete. Unambiguous. Easy to use.

Speed and power at your fingertips

When trading in the largest stock market of the world, the USA, it is essential to have your full arsenal of weapons ready. And you need to be able to use them fast, before others. This combination of speed and power is what will differentiate you from other traders. CUE Elite for Tradestation® platform is here to help with you that.

CUE Elite technical trading system allows you to make data-driven intelligent decisions for long-term investing, short-term trading or day trading. This diversity is achieved using entirely different techniques that are best fits for the different holding periods, not merely changing the interval of the chart type from weekly to daily to minute charts. This stringent focus on designing techniques that best suit the investment horizons makes CUE Elite stand out from most, if not all, other systems in the market.

For example, for day trading, CUE uses zero-lag indicators and builds heavily on pivot levels and auto-smart trend-lines, allowing you to trade fast.

On the other hand, for longer-term investing, using one technique, you can use Sonar search to identify value stocks that have fallen for some temporary adverse situation and are now starting to go up. These often provide for the best low-price entry in these stocks for long-term holding. If you prefer to take breakouts in high growth stocks for long-term holding, you could scan for those breakout candidates as well using Sonar program.

CUE Elite helps you scan through hundreds or thousands of stocks and look for the exact pattern or trade setup that you are comfortable trading.

Some systems and techniques enable you to take only breakout trades. Some other focus on trend following setups. CUE goes far beyond that. It has identified four distinct market conditions: trending, trend reversing, sideways and exhausting. For each of these market conditions, based on extensive research, CUE has identified four separate low-risk entry setups, each backed by unambiguous checklists. You can use the checklists to determine if a trade opportunity exists. Using CUE Elite, you can also place the order on the underlying platform if you choose to.

These are not the only trade setups you can use. If you prefer to take breakout trades or other kinds of trade setups, you can do that as well using the unambiguous CUE signals and alerts included in CUE Elite.

From browsing hundreds of stocks to pinpointing trade setup to placing an order. You can accomplish these in minutes, keeping you ahead of others in the trading game.

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Built for traders by traders

Super Fast

Make trading decisions using CUE Elite and place the trades instantly on the same underlying platform. Starting with scanning for trade setups among hundreds of stocks to confirming the trade using CUE charts to executing the trade. You can be way ahead of others with super fast CUE Elite.



CUE technical trading system is intuitive by design, with consistent color-coded indicators and distinct chart templates for trade-specific tasks like entry, stop, etc. Whether you are a novice or experienced investor, you will respond to the market intuitively.


CUE indicators are unambiguous, green is bullish, and red is bearish. A line going up shows strength, down indicates weakness. And these signals are combined into precise trade entry checklists. CUE system’s clarity helps you make decisions in the heat of the market war, with confidence.

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Easy to use

CUE does not need you to keep changing parameters or compare indicator values with arbitrary or changing thresholds. The system adjusts automatically depending on the market condition. The indicators do not need labels on the chart. Because of unique design, a glance at a chart will tell you what you need to know. You focus on the market. CUE handles the complexity for you.

Complete power to the trader

Trade in your style

Whether you are a long-term investor, short-term trader or day trader, CUE helps you to make buy/sell decisions with confidence. CUE accomplishes this by using distinct techniques for different styles. You may use a single trading approach that matches your lifestyle and temperament. Or you can follow multiple approaches at the same time. You can do it all from the single CUE technical trading system.

Trade any instrument

Using CUE Elite, you can do technical analysis of all the instruments of your choice including stock, option, future, forex, etc. The same powerful indicators, chart templates, scan programs, and trade entry checklists can be applied seamlessly across all instruments. CUE also helps you do cross-market analysis; like keeping an eye on S&P500 futures while trading stocks in the USA market.

Trade in any market condition

The market is not always trending. Sometimes it moves sideways. Sometimes it reverses from a trend. At other times a stock may exhaust from heavy selling, only to roar back upward. If you take directional trade in the sideways market, it will not work. If you adopt a sideways strategy to an exhausting market, you will lose. CUE helps you identify the market condition and then trade with the setup that works for the current market. Thereby, helping you trade with confidence at all times.

Complete your 360° analysis

After identifying a trade from CUE Elite, you can use CUE Edge & Vital for checking fundamental and industry’s strength, completing the bottom-up analysis approach. Alternatively, you can first identify fundamentally robust stocks in a winning industry and then look for an optimal buy-point on CUE Elite, completing the top-down approach. Whatever be your plan, CUE Elite Trading System has you covered.

Rewrite your trading story

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