Carry out Real-Time Top-Down Analysis

From Sector to Industry to Stocks

CUE Edge System Requirements: Metastock Xenith and Microsoft Excel.
  • Carry out Complete Top-Down Analysis from Sector to Industry to Stocks in a few keystrokes.
  • Get Sector and Industry Rotation Insight in Real-Time.
  • Use Visual Heat-Map to Intuitively know Sector and Industry Strength and Weakness.
  • Identify Under the Radar Moves in Sectors and Industries using Acceleration Score and Heat-Map.
  • Drill Down to Industry’s Stocks for Comprehensive Fundamental and Peer Analysis.
  • Hone in on Fundamentally Strong Stocks in seconds using Robust yet Simple, Color-Coded, Stock Valuation, and Growth Scores.
  • Uncover Insights from Precise, Relevant and Color-Coded Basic Information, Price Performance, Fundamental Parameters and Growth Metrics for Stocks.
  • Transfer Shortlisted Stocks from CUE Edge to CUE Global and CUE Elite Technical Charts, completing the Top-Down Approach.
  • Find out the Industry Strength of a Stock at Technical Buy/Short point (found using CUE Global or CUE Elite), completing the Bottom-Up Approach.

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