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Real-Time Sector & Industry Rotation Analysis using Scorecard and Heat-Map for the usa market

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The missing piece of stock investing puzzle

Sector and industry level factors tend to influence all stocks in the group in a homogeneous manner. Earlier, it was difficult for retail traders to identify sector-industry rotation. Not anymore. Now, using CUE Edge, you can be aware of these hidden forces as they play out in front of your eyes in real time.

A stock’s fundamental also plays a crucial role in the stock’s up move. It dictates if bigger players will come in if the stock drops. Finding a robust fundamental stock is probably your best insurance against significant drawdown. 

It is important to note that a stock’s fundamental numbers in itself do not mean much if anything. They must be compared with peer stocks to find the real strength or weakness of a stock. The CUE Edge helps you carry out this vital step of peer analysis using a single click in real-time.

Using CUE Edge, you can align the forces of sector, industry and stock’s fundamentals with your trade using visual tools, in real-time and place the trade well ahead of others. 

Fill the missing piece of stock investing puzzle, in real time. Buy your next stock only after completing a 360° Analysis covering Sector, Industry, Stock Fundamental and Peer Analysis. 

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Built for traders by traders

Wide coverage

Cover all the sectors, hundreds of Industries and thousands of liquid Stocks for several major markets in the world.

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Use visual heat-map and color-coded scorecard to know sector, industry, stock strength and weakness intuitively.

Real time

Carry out complete top-down analysis from sector to industry to stock fundamental and peer analysis in a few keystrokes. 

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Unlike other tools that attempt to inundate you with hundreds of fundamental data that confuse more than help, CUE Edge lets you focus on what is essential and ignore the rest. You can decide in minutes, if not seconds if a sector, industry or stock is strong or weak.

Complete power to the trader

Build a routine matching your style

Are you a value investor? A growth investor? Dividend player? Want to focus on large-cap stocks or prefer mid-small caps? Want to get into high-beta stocks? Looking for stocks that may run up sharply as they have short squeeze potential? Do you fancy turn-around candidates or proven winners of the past? All these and much more is now at your fingertips. You can focus on stocks that match your style using single-click sorting and natural filtering.

Focus on meaningful action

No more blindly buying stocks that are just moving up or selling shares that are sharply moving down. You can do better than that using the dashboard that categorizes stock moves under different fundamental categories. You can look for ‘value stocks’ that are running up. You can get out of ‘overvalued stocks’ that are falling. You can locate ‘growth stocks’ with sharp moves. The dashboard is only one of the ways to get these done. You can do a lot more using CUE Edge.

Identify undercurrents​

If you are watching a race and see a competitor with high standing was behind but starting to sprint forward, you may bet on that. It has not come to the forefront yet. But probably going to get there soon. Using CUE Pace acceleration you can identify such hidden under-currents at the sector, the industry as well as stock level well ahead of others. Once you have spotted the industry and stock that are racing fast forward, all you need to do is wait for an optimal buy-point using CUE technical analysis.

Complete your 360° analysis

After finding the strong fundamental stocks from Edge that has industry force behind it, look for the low-risk, high-probability buy-point using CUE technical trading system, CUE Elite or CUE Global, completing the top-down analysis approach. Alternatively, you can first identify stocks at or near buy-point using CUE technical analysis and then confirm the fundamental and industry strength using Edge, completing the bottom-up approach. Whatever be your plan, top-down, bottom-up or a mixture of both, CUE systems have you covered.

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