Coal is New Gold?

Few days ago, one of our Community members had taken CLF Long and made good profit.

Another member pointed me to BTU today. He found it from Sonar. Our trade search program.

BTU is in same industry as CLF.

I looked up peers of BTU. Many of them went up considerably today.

BTU went up by 5%+. ANR was the biggest gainer in Coal industry today. Going up by more than 17%.

Our alert members might be tracking Coal stocks including CLF, ANR, BTU … based on our earlier Community conversations on Coal and USA election (Republicans did take over Senate).

They might have gone Long today itself using our Fine Tune Template – and probably holding the trades with sizeable profit for entry day !

Attached are BTU and ANR – seen through our At A Glance.

The snapshots are plotted using Backdrop (Weekly), Hop On (Daily) and Map (Daily) Templates to have a holistic view.

You may investigate other stocks in the industry.

What do you think? Could you trade it as Options? As Stocks? Longer Term? Swing Trade?

Whatever you choose to do, Trade Profitably ! No reason not to do so.

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