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Go beyond market analysis into trading psychology, understand why you need an unambiguous system to face the market and more. This book explains exactly what makes one a successful trader.

This Trading Profitably Superior Profit Way book explains how you can use each of the CUE indicators to interpret the market with confidence and without ambiguity, how you can decide, enter and exit trades, etc.

Learn everything you need to know for day trading opening gaps with low-risk and high probability of success. Be it continuation move or filling of the gap; you will be able to predict the movement confidently.

This book provides a summary of all the pre-built CUE chart templates, each of which is designed for a specific trading task like trade entry under various market conditions, profit booking, placing stop, etc.

The market goes through different conditions like trending, reversing, exhausting and sideways. This book explains the unambiguous chart setups that signal a low-risk high probability trade for these situations.

Successful investing is as much a mind game as it is quality stock analysis. This flashcard reminds a trader of the mindset essential to successful trading, and it is a good practice to keep revisiting the flashcard regularly.

Live application

Learn 360° analysis technique by seeing CUE systems in action on the live market​.

Complete top-down analysis: start from the market, drill down into sectors, industries and stocks. See what worked and what lies ahead.

  • Complete. Unambiguous. Easy to use.

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