Welcome to Superior Profit

​If you are looking for an authentic, proven and straightforward way to grow your wealth by investing and trading in the Global Market, then you are at the right place. Superior Profit Way provides a routine to reap consistent profit from the Market. In all Market conditions. Using different investing styles. In any country in the world. Through diverse instruments from Stock to Future to Option to Forex.

How Superior Profit Started

Retail traders like you created superior Profit. Our founder Sagar Nandi did not have any background in Wall Street. We understand that retail traders want a straightforward and unambiguous system that they can use themselves. Without being told every time by the so called expert what to do.

Our team tried several trading systems from the market when they started investing more than two decades ago. They found those to be complex and ambiguous and incomplete – in summary, frustrating and all the time making the loss more than profit. Educators told us that we would get it after few years. We did not – because the rules of trade entry and exit were either non-existent or; when they existed; were vague and confusing.

There was not enough information for us to use those systems efficiently. They hardly provided any live trade use cases through a public forum. And when they provided, the trades seemed to make no sense. As if only the so called expert could take it by some supreme gift only she or he had.

We had little opportunity to see how other traders were using the system and learn from that.

It was a total black box. Opaque. Un-usable. Money waster. We wanted to change that. Initially for ourselves. And now for investors and traders around the world. Sagar Nandi established Superior Profit with the aim to share the trading system, tools, techniques and Superior Profit Way that he uses himself in everyday trading. And he keeps sharing his trade ideas – open to public – fully transparently day after day in the Superior Profit Traders Community and the Superior Profit Live Classes and Superior Profit Blogs.

We pride ourselves being authentic and transparent with ample proof points on the real life use of our system.

At Superior Profit, we don’t use tough financial jargon to educate traders. Instead, we simplify the business of investing. Providing traders all the tools one needs to make a profit – Market Analysis, Sector and Industry Analysis, Stock Analysis. Key News and Events. We provide everything that is required. And only what is necessary. We actively exclude the noise and ambiguity of media chatter and help you focus on what is happening in the Market, Sector, Industry and the Stock. So you can make the correct and timely decision and profit from it.

​Building Blocks of Superior Profit Way

Superior Profit Way is not a way to unfold the hitherto tightly kept secret of making a huge profit in a short period. Such offers tend to exist in the realm of misleading marketing propaganda.

What is Superior Profit Way about then? It is a way to grow wealth in one’s account. In your account. For you. By you. With best in class support from Superior Profit all the way.

At Superior Profit, from personal experiences and talking to successful investors and traders around the world we have formulated the environment necessary to make consistent profit from the Market. A robust Trading System is an integral part of that environment but not the only essential element. There are three basic pillars to Superior Profit Way.

1. CUE Global Trading System

Central to the Superior Profit Way is a robust trading system that is Complete, Unambiguous and Easy to Use – the CUE Global Trading System. CUE Global considerably simplifies the otherwise hard and often ambiguous trading decisions one needs to make on the right edge of a chart. In today’s Market. As opposed to opening past charts and wonder how much money we could make “if only” we had taken a trade in long past.

2. Learning to Invest Profitably

A Trading System is only as good as the trader’s understanding of the system (CUE Global Trading System) used to invest in that Market. In Superior Profit, we are committed to lifetime education of all Superior Profit Investors. This knowledge is imparted in a friendly manner on a continuous basis for investors around the world with live charts. And only live charts. We don’t use any PowerPoint slide to pick and choose the text or stock that conveniently makes life easier for the presenter. What’s more? The education is not restricted to CUE Global Trading System only. But it covers everything one needs to be successful in investing. Including Risk Management, Discipline. Market study etc. And this is the important second pillar.

3. Unbiased and Disciplined Investing

All traders desire to make objective trading decisions and avoid bias. It is much harder to do that in real life, though. One way to avoid bias is to participate actively in a Traders Community where everyone uses the same proven underlying principles to enter and exit trades. We are committed to providing lifetime access to Superior Profit Traders Community to all traders using CUE Global.

​​Why Is It Called CUE Global Trading System

CUE Global is a Complete, Unambiguous and Easy to use Trading System. And those three words lent their first alphabets to form the name CUE.


It may be used to invest and trade on all markets of all the major exchanges of the world including on Stock, ETF, Future, Forex, Option, etc. Long Term Investors, Short Term Swing Traders as well Day Traders will find everything they need in CUE Global Trading System. CUE Global lets us find Low-Risk High-Reward trades in all three market situations: Trending Market, Reversing Market as well as Exhausting Market using pre-packaged nineteen powerful Sonar program.


A complete system does not do us much good unless one can apply it the heat of the market movement efficiently. CUE Global beats all other systems in this regard as it comes with three clear checklists based Trade Set Ups: (1) Go With Flow for Trend Following trade, (2) Headwind for Trend Reversal trade and (3) Bounce for Exhaustion based trade. These three easy to follow checklist based trade set ups make identifying a high probability trade easier than ever before. Additional trade setups may be coined combining the Indicators included in CUE Global.

Easy to use

CUE Global is easy to use. Firstly, all its Indicators and Templates are consistently color coded to make trading an intuitive affair. Secondly, each Indicator and Template looks different by design. So even without looking at label/name, traders can recognize and use them promptly. Thirdly, each of the modular readymade templates aims to perform one single logical step in trading. For example, At A Glance template has everything one needs (and only those that are necessary) to identify a profitable trade entry opportunity. In addition, every template comes with natural language based Commentary – reading the entire chart for the trader and guiding him/her what to do.

​​Why CUE Global Trading System Is Different

All the trading systems we found in the market were hugely ambiguous and complex in use. It was virtually impossible to use most if not all of those with any degree of confidence. For example, the rules about a trade entry were vague. Or nonexistent. And often, squinting your eye or tweaking a parameter or two, you could turn a Long setup to a Short setup in a matter of seconds. That made investing incredibly frustrating (and loss-making) for the traders. And we wanted to change it. For ourselves. And now for you.

While developing the CUE Global Trading System over a period of more than ten years, our primary focus was on Simplicity and Unambiguity. So that both novice, as well as experienced traders, are enabled to make key trade entry and exit decisions relatively quickly and without being confused. CUE Global Trading System may be used standalone without the need to add other/additional indicators. CUE Global Trading System has many Indicators. Each serving a distinct purpose. All of them are color coded that can be intuitively understood. We intentionally designed the chart signals so that they all look different. You don’t need to check their labels to know what they are. And there is no parameter that you need to set for our system’s indicators. The System is intelligent enough to choose the best settings for you when required. You focus on your trading and leave the rest to CUE Global Trading System.

It is a Complete System. It helps you scan and select potential opportunities (using Sonar program) in minutes. It lets you go through the Sonar-filtered list of stocks quickly using our ready-made and easy to use Templates (for example; Hop On Daily Template is used to make entry decision). It helps you enter the trade with precision (for example: using Fine Tune 5 Minute Real Time Template). And exit the trade at the right time (for example: using Hop Off Template that shows where to book profit as well as where to put Stop for minimizing loss and protecting profit). You may learn more about these at our Education Center. All styles of investors and traders can use CUE Trading System. Long Term Investors, Swing Traders as well Day Traders. CUE Global Trading System can be used to invest in all markets in the world including USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. And, traders can use CUE Global Trading System for all instruments including Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex, etc.

​​Achieving Superior Profit Consistently

​To be successful in the Market, in the long run, one must be careful not to fall into the trap of chasing over-sized return in a way that is more akin to gambling than investing. If lucky, one might get away with that approach in the short term. However, in the long run, that is a certain way to lose all the money. Just like gambling is. Superior Profit Way is not for that. It is for taking investing as a serious business of generating consistent profit from Market. Slowly if so be it. Surely indeed.

Superior Profit Traders follow the steps outlined below to achieve consistent profit from all Market situations.

  • 1. Understanding Basic Principles of Superior Profit Trades.
  • ​2. Being Part of Superior Profit Community.
  • ​4. Making Superior Profit in All Market Conditions.

Below, we look at these steps in more detail.

​​Understanding Basic Principles of Superior Profit Trades

Several broad basic principles apply to most if not all Superior Profit trades. Irrespective of the Market or Country or Instrument used in the investment. One such principle is “To Manage Risk First and Manage Reward Next”. Another principle is to “Buy Low and Sell High”. While these underlying principles are same, every trader’s persona is different; that is, they trade with varying degrees of skill, experience and equally importantly, style. To make consistent profit a trader adopts the trading system to own persona. Superior Profit Way and CUE Global allows one to adapt these to one’s very own persona. For example, some trader may choose to trade only Stock and only in the Long direction. Some other person may look for Option trades with defined risk. Superior Profit Education and Support mechanism help client finding the investing setup (instrument, frequency, risk tolerance, etc.) that is right for their persona. This tuning to one’s persona is achieved by the interactive Live Sessions that Superior Profit conducts every week.

​​Being Part of Superior Profit Community

Superior Profit Investors are part of a broader Community. This Community has several useful forums. We have several Trading Room forums. Focusing on USA Market, Australia Market, India Market, etc. and more are added regularly based on active investors’ interest.

In the Community you will also find Quizzes on latest Market and Stock scenarios; practicing your trading decision making capability on the right edge of the chart. And see how other traders have responded to the same Market and Stock situation.

Once investors and traders gain experience on how to use the System and how to profit from the Market, they are also invited to join Graduates Club where they may interact with fellow investors from around the world discussing future investment and trading opportunities. It is a fun way to learn and grow and be part of a focused Traders Community. You may find both novices as well as experienced traders posting their trade ideas in the Trading Community. All of them utilizing CUE Global Trading System. Most traders using CUE Global Trading System exclusively. Some others are mixing their trading acumen with the power of CUE Global Trading System. This Superior Profit Community provides you with rich learning and sharing opportunities. With live and real examples from the Market as they unfold in front of traders.

​​​Mastering Superior Profit Way

​Superior Profit Education Center is your starting point.

As experienced traders say: “Show me a good trading diary and I will show a great trader.” We may extend it: “Show me proper documentation and I will show a robust Trading System”. CUE Global beats all other systems we know in this regard. The Superior Profit books, totaling hundreds of pages, cover every aspect of investing that both novices, as well as expert traders, will find useful. The books are full of illustrative charts explaining every indicator, template, trade setups, trade entry/exit rule, etc.

Superior Profit has also provided easy to watch videos explaining (1) How to identify an opportunity using Sonar, (2) How to Hop On to investment, (3) How to Hop Off an investment and (4) How to use CUE Global Intraday templates for Day Trading. And many more videos.

Superior Profit website is full of actual trade examples (USA Trade Show, India Trade Show, blog, etc.) explaining how traders scan, finalize, enter and exit profitable trades in real life. Not after the fact conveniently made powerpoint slideshow. These are valuable learning material that every trader loves to use.

Once you have gone through our Education Center; the Video, Book, and Blog ; you would probably look at the Superior Profit Charts’ color and the lines. And you would know the message from the chart intuitively. Usually in few minutes; or less. If you take more than few minutes to decide what to do with a stock, probably it is wiser to move on to next stock of the day. Or to wait till next day for a clearer opportunity.

Superior Profit also conducts regular live classes to help you master Superior Profit Way of investing profitably. Investors and traders from all over the world attend these live classes. One thing about these sessions is that they don’t use slide presentation. Instead, only uses CUE Global Trading System charts to analyze and find profitable opportunities. You may enroll for these classes at the Live Class registration page:

​​​Making Superior Profit in All Market Conditions

The market does not remain in the same state forever. It changes. And so does the stocks that constitute the Market.

Long Term Investing serves well in a clearly trending Bull or Bear market. For example, QQQ (NASDAQ ETF) was in a clear uptrend from its March 2009 bottom till about July of 2015 – as may be seen from QQQ’s Weekly chart. For this period, those who bought stocks for Long Term Investment made a lot of profit. Irrespective of if they used a Breakout Entry strategy or a Buy Low Entry strategy. Superior Profit investors used Go With Flow trend following strategy for Swing Trading and Pendulum Low Buy Strategy for Long-Term Investment with a significant profit. Over and over again.

Since mid-2015 however, the market moved sideways. SPY (S&P500 ETF) has changed only about 2% in last more than one year. This sideways moving Market have been frustrating for Long Term Investor; especially for Breakout Entry Investors. Their investments probably got stopped out more often than not. This same period, however, was good for Reversal / Contrarian Traders who caught the sideways move’s Tops and Bottoms using a robust Reversal Signal (like CUE Global Trading System Headwind or Stretch Release signals).

What about Day Trading? It works pretty well in periods where Daily Ranges are large. Say, S&P500 Futures E-Mini moving 30-50 points a day between High and Low of the day. Such days are not unheard of in a strongly trending market – up or down. But not seen in recent times much as S&P500 hardly moved in last one year from July 2015.

What should the investor do then? The question is tricky one. And Superior Profit Investors know the answer.

In reality, it will be impossible to know conclusively if a Market is going to trend for next three months or if it is going to move sideways. It is equally impossible to predict whether Market will have Long Range Days or Narrow Range Days in coming week(s). The bull run that started in 2009 is easy to identify in hindsight. Same applies to the Market’s choppy movement from early 2015 till now; Aug 2016. However, at the right edge, decision making becomes hazy for investors. Like in the fog of war.

Then, how to win in all the Market conditions without having the benefit of hindsight? One approach is to have the full arsenal of weapons sharpened, ready to go. And to use the weapons that fit in the current Market war. Using tools of Long Term Investment, Swing Trade and Day Trade depending on Market conditions. The other approach is to use only one (say, Swing Trade) or two (say, Long Term Investment and Swing Trade) of those techniques. And patiently wait for the Market situation where that one or two methods are appropriate. In summary, one might say, profiting in Market needs a systematic and patient approach. Let us break down such an approach in detail:

  • It requires one to keep an eye on Market Internals – stepping away from individual stocks and looking at the overall Market first. Broad Market Internal Analysis shows us whether Market is trending or moving sideways. And it shows if a trend is healthy.
  • It requires one to keep an eye on which Industry/ Sector is going to break out from the base. Allowing one to enter a Long-Term Stock Investment confidently in that Industry/Sector. Also to keep an eye on which Industry/Sector is toppling over – and once that is noticed, booking profit in any Long Term Investment previously entered in that Industry/Sector.
  • It requires one to make a watch list of stocks and identify optimal Swing Trade Entry point for them. Using easy to use scanning program CUE Sonar. And take the trade confidently using unambiguous CUE Trading Rules. 4) It requires one to identify Day Trade opportunities quickly – even to anticipate them. And enter them either as a Breakout trade or a Reversal Trade with acceptable Reward Risk Ratio. 5) All the while keeping Risk in control. Be it Long-Term Investment, Swing Trade or Day Trade. Does it sound like a lot of effort and time? It does not have to be so.
  • It requires one to make a watch list of stocks and identify optimal Swing Trade Entry point for them. Using easy to use scanning program CUE Sonar. And take the trade confidently using unambiguous CUE Trading Rules. 4) It requires one to identify Day Trade opportunities quickly – even to anticipate them. And enter them either as a Breakout trade or a Reversal Trade with acceptable Reward Risk Ratio. 5) All the while keeping Risk in control. Be it Long-Term Investment, Swing Trade or Day Trade. Does it sound like a lot of effort and time? It does not have to be so.

In fact, all these can be done in a non-threatening, unambiguous and relatively easy way at the right edge of the chart if we use CUE Trading System.

Superior Profit provides regular and actionable analysis of Broad Market Internal, Sector and Industry Group. And provides regular market insights through the CUE 360° mobile App In short, through CUE Global Trading System and Superior Profit Information, an investor has everything she/he needs to invest confidently and profit consistently. And Superior Profit Traders achieve such profit every day. Scores of real life trade ideas shared in publicly accessible blogs and Superior Profit Community demonstrate that.

The regular Live Classes conducted by Superior Profit, along with all the education material (video, book, etc.) makes the entire process easy even for novice investors.

Superior Profit investors make the time to learn the CUE Trading System using the Education Center material and by attending our Interactive Live Classes.

In the beginning; while learning; Superior Profit investors take small and few investments; either in a demo account or a live account and learn by doing. And then gradually increase investment size and pace as one gets more acquainted with Superior Profit Way of investing profitably using CUE Global Trading System.

Through the entire process, Superior Profit’s world-class support assists the investors. Further support comes from the Superior Profit Community and
Graduates Club. In the process, our traders come to know many others from different parts of the world. All of them using CUE Global Trading System profitably.

Seeing is Believing

Unlike many other providers, Superior Profit provides full and free public access to live trade ideas as and when they happen in the Market. Letting traders see CUE Global Trading System in action in the live market. Every day.

We encourage you to go through the trades listed in Result page and see Superior Profit traders made consistent profit month after month. You may see detail of all these trades by drilling down the links. Also, USA Trade Show and India Trade Show illustrates many of these Community shared trades with annotated slides of the trades’ entries and exits.

New trade ideas are shared in real time in Superior Profit Community almost daily.

Whether at the Cue sight 360° ideas, the Superior Profit Trade-Ideas or the USA Trade Show/India Trade Show, you will find colorful and annotated charts illustrating every aspect of trading profitably. Explaining how and when they were entered and exited.

After you go through these actual trades taken using CUE Global Trading System, you will quickly identify a pattern that you may use in your live trading.

We call it Superior Profit Learning by Seeing.

​Join the Superior Profit Movement

​The first step is to get the Trading System that is central to Superior Profit Way of investing.

CUE Global Trading System is an Add-On to well-known and widely used charting platform Metastock. Both on Metastock Daily Chart version as well as Metastock Real Time version. ​ You may visit our Store page and choose the option that fits your persona and unique need. Id you need our suggestion on which CUE System and charting platform suits you best, you may Contact Us by Email, Phone, SMS, Fax or simply Leave A Note. We would be happy to guide you after understanding your trading experience, frequency of trading, trading instruments, style (Long Term or Swing Trading or Day Trading) etc.

Once you complete the purchase from the Store page, you would receive automated welcome email with step by step instructions on how to download and install the CUE Global Trading System on your computer. The download and installation of CUE Global Trading System usually take less than ten minutes. You may use our Support forum for help on the installation or on any other matter related to use of CUE Global System.

You may also contact our friendly support team anytime through phone, fax, email or you may just leave a note by Contacting Us.

We are happy to be part of your Superior Profit journey.

About Sagar Nandi

​Sagar was not born and brought up in the financial industry. Far from that.

Sagar’s grandfather was a landlord in East Bengal (now Bangladesh) and a medical doctor by profession. He was a proud man who had received a medal for record jute production – a key economic produce of that time – from the then British Government governing India. Partition of India in 1947 when it became independent brought that affluent life to an abrupt end. Sagar’s grandparents and father left everything in East Bengal and came to Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Lucky to survive the ordeal of the journey and settled in West Bengal as the refugee.

Restarting life again in West Bengal, Sagar’s grandfather went on to rebuild his life by practicing as a doctor in West Bengal and eventually established his farm land in North Bengal. Meanwhile, Sagar’s father studied Masters in Arts and then Law in Kolkata. He worked in local government and later on went on to practice law in High Court of Kolkata, India (city of Mother Teresa). Sagar’s mother supported the family as a homemaker as was the prevailing norm in that time.

Through all the ups and downs in life, Sagar’s grandparents and then parents made every effort to impart good education and value of mutual respect and love for each other to their children.

Sagar’s parents worked hard at home and outside as refugees in West Bengal and rebuilt their family together. Sagar and his two brothers went to study in premier Indian institutions and established themselves in global professions.

Sagar’s elder brother is a Medical Doctor from NRS Medical College, Kolkata; specializing in Sports Medicine; and living and practicing medicine in Northern India in the state of Punjab.

His twin brother is Mechanical Engineer Graduate from Jadavpur University, Kolkata; Masters in Industrial Management from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; and Business Administration Masters from Duke University, NC, USA. After working as Senior Executive in several American corporations and MNCs, he is currently running his own company; living in the USA with his family. And continuing his never ending study in some discipline or other.

Sagar’s wife is Masters of Science from Kolkata University, Kolkata; Masters of Computer Science from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and Master of Analytics from North Carolina State University, NC, USA. Currently living in NC, USA and working in a large USA Company in the area of Analytics in senior (Director) role.

Sagar’s only son goes to college in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.
Sagar himself has an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Graduate degree from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, Master’s degree in Computer Science from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and an Executive MBA degree from the National University of Singapore.

After starting his career in Citibank, Chennai, India, Sagar worked in several MNCs and Global Companies. Sagar lived in Singapore for most of his career. His last two jobs being as Asia Pacific Vice President for Communications Global Business Unit of Oracle Corporation in Singapore. And Managing Director of German Multi National Company Orga Systems where he established the Indian entity of the company and also ran the APAC Consulting business as Director.

Sagar has traveled extensively helping clients in USA, Brazil, Germany, UK, Italy, Ukraine, Bahrain, Israel, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Korea to name a few.

Sagar has been trading actively for more than fifteen years mainly in USA and India markets using Stock, Future, and Options. During his early trading life, Sagar used many systems but did not find one that is Complete enough, Unambiguous enough and Easy to use enough for retail traders.

Frustrated with the inefficiency of the systems he saw and the often insincere approach of the systems providers he experienced, Sagar set out to create a robust system for himself.

Sagar spent many years in research, trial and error systems development, learning from experts on what works and what not, undergoing psychology courses to figure out how psychology affects trading and why un-ambiguity and simplicity are essential (not good to have – but necessary) to successful trading.

After many sleepless nights spent in coding and testing and simulating, he created the CUE Global Trading System.

ventually, Sagar left the job in 2013 and had been a full-time trader and coach to a small group of traders since then. Nowadays he spends his time traveling between India (visiting his parents regularly), Singapore (he is resident there), Thailand (for its spicy food and friendly beaches) and the USA (spending time with his family).

Initially, the CUE Global Trading System was offered only on an invitation basis to very active traders using a broker specific platform for USA market. Now that same robust system is available to traders all over the world. As an Add-On to the world class Metastock charting platform. Sagar uses CUE Global daily and uses only CUE Global for all his trading decisions. He regularly shares live trade ideas using CUE Global through Superior Profit website blog, Community, etc. He is ever ready to help new and experienced traders alike with what he uses in his everyday trading.

When asked what brings the most satisfaction to Sagar in the investing and trading world, he does not hesitate a moment.

“The greatest gift of my investing career is that it let me come to know many talented and unique people spread around the world. Discuss together. Learn from each other. Support each other when one makes a mistake. Have fun together. And invest profitably together. Few other activities in my life brought distant people together so easily and so quickly. Many of these marvelous people have become good friends for life.” Sagar says.

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