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If you are looking for an authentic, proven and straightforward way to grow your wealth by investing and trading in the global market, then you are in the right place. Superior Profit way provides a routine to reap consistent profit from the market. In all market conditions. Using different investing styles. In any country in the world. Through diverse instruments from stock to option to future etc. ​

Retail traders like you created Superior Profit. Our founder Sagar Nandi did not have any background in wall street. We understand that retail traders want a straightforward and unambiguous system that they can use themselves. Without being told every time by the so-called expert what to do.

Superior Profit

How Superior Profit Started

Our team tried several trading systems from the market when they started investing more than two decades ago. They found those to be complicated and ambiguous and incomplete – in summary, frustrating and all the time making the loss more than profit. Educators told us that we would get it after a few years. We did not – because the rules of trade entry and exit were either non-existent or; when they existed; were vague and confusing.

There was not enough information for us to use those systems efficiently. They hardly provided any live trade use cases through a public forum. And when they offered, the trades seemed to make no sense. As if only the so-called expert could take it by some supreme gift only she or he had.

We had little opportunity to see how other traders were using the system and learn from that. 

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It was a total black box. Opaque. Unusable. Money waster. We wanted to change that. Initially for ourselves. And now for investors and traders around the world.


Sagar Nandi established Superior Profit with the aim to share the trading system, tools, techniques and Superior Profit Way that he uses himself in daily trading.

And he keeps sharing his trade ideas – open to the public – entirely transparently day after day in the mobile app (CUE Sight 360° app that is available both on android play-store and Apple app-store), traders forum, social network pages, live webinars, and blogs. We pride ourselves on being authentic and transparent with ample proof points on the real-life use of our system.

At Superior Profit, we don’t use tough financial jargon to educate traders.

Instead, we simplify the business of investing. Providing traders with all the tools one needs to make a profit – market analysis, sector and industry analysis, stock fundamental, peer as well as technical analysis. We provide everything that is required. And only what is necessary. We actively exclude the noise and ambiguity of media chatter and help you focus on what is happening in the market, sector, industry and the stock. So you can make the correct and timely decision and profit from it.


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Superior Profit Way is not a way to unfold the hitherto tightly kept secret of making a massive profit in a short period. Such offers tend to exist in the realm of misleading marketing propaganda.

What is Superior Profit Way about then? It is a way to grow wealth in one’s account. In your account. For you. By you. With best in class support from Superior Profit all the way.

At Superior Profit, from personal experiences and talking to successful investors and traders around the world we have formulated the environment necessary to make consistent profit from the market. A robust trading system is an integral part of that environment but not the only essential element. There are four pillars critical to Superior Profit Way.

Trading System

Central to the Superior Profit Way are robust trading systems that are Complete, Unambiguous and Easy to Use.

Simplify Trading

CUE systems simplify the otherwise hard and often ambiguous decisions one needs to make in today's market.
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A trading system is only as good as the trader's understanding of the system. In Superior Profit, we are committed to lifetime education of all trader.

Learn in Your Way

Knowledge of CUE systems and techniques is imparted in a friendly manner on a continuous basis through live videos, books, etc.
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Traders desire to make sensible trading decisions and avoid bias. It is much harder to do that in real life. Being part of a community can help.

Benefit from Sharing

Get ideas from the trader's forum where everyone uses the same proven underlying principles to enter and exit trades.
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Why Is It Called CUE Trading System

CUE system is a Complete, Unambiguous and Easy to use, trading system. And those three words lent their first alphabets to form the name CUE.

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CUE system goes far beyond only technical analysis. It incorporates the power of sector-industry rotation analysis as well as stock fundamental and peer analysis, giving you a complete 360° view of the market. It may be used to invest and trade on all markets of all the major exchanges of the world including on stock, ETF, future, forex, option, etc. long-term investors, short-term swing traders as well day traders will find everything they need in the CUE system. CUE lets you find low-risk high-reward trades in all three market situations: trending market, trend reversing market, the sideways market as well as exhausting market using readymade scan programs.


A complete system does not do you much good unless one can apply it the heat of the market chaos efficiently. CUE beats all other systems in this regard as it comes with crystal clear checklists based trade setups for all possible market conditions: (1) Go With Flow for trend following market, (2) Headwind for trend reversing market, (3) Box for sideways market and (4) Bounce for exhausting market. These checklists make identifying a high probability trade easier than ever before. You can also improvise additional trade setups combining the powerful indicators included in the CUE system. The checklists are unambiguous. And this clarity comes from the design-built unambiguity of every single CUE technical indicator.

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Easy to use

CUE system is easy to use. Regarding technical analysis, all of the indicators and chart templates are consistently color-coded so that you can respond to them intuitively. Secondly, each indicator and chart layout looks different, by design. Even without looking at name or label, you can effortlessly recognize and apply them. Thirdly, each of the readymade chart templates aims to perform one single logical step in trading. For example, At A Glance template has everything you need (and only what you need) to identify a high-probability trade opportunity. 

The ease of use extends from technical analysis to sector, industry, stock fundamental and peer review as well. You can carry out those steps in minutes rather than months. CUE archives this feat by using the analytics-based scorecard and consistently color-coded visual heat-map. You can carry out complete top-down analysis using a single mouse click from sector to industry to stock vital statistics and peer study. You can also execute a bottom-up analysis starting with a stock, looking up its fundamental strength, conducting stock peer analysis and then check the stock’s industry and sector strength. CUE makes it easy for you so that you focus on what is important, the market, and not on the trading tools. That is the superior profit way.

Why CUE system is different

All the trading systems we found in the market were hugely ambiguous and complex in use. It was virtually impossible to use most if not all of those with any degree of confidence. For example, the rules about a trade entry were vague. Or nonexistent. And often, squinting your eye or tweaking a parameter or two, you could turn a Long setup to a Short setup in a matter of seconds. That made investing incredibly frustrating (and loss-making) for the traders. And we wanted to change it. For ourselves. And now for you.

Provides trade setups for all market conditions

CUE system lets you trade in all market conditions with the same confidence. We achieved this by designing market condition specific trade setups. And to simplify trading, only one setup for each of the four market conditions. Each of the four setups has associated unambiguous checklist that helps confirm a trade setup at the right edge of the chart without any ambiguity.

All-weather conditions
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Identifies the underlying sector-industry rotation

A significant part of a stock’s move comes from its sector industry. This move is a result of broader economic factors outside the specific stock. It may be due to interest rate change, regulatory changes, commodity price fluctuations, etc.


CUE sector-industry analysis system lets you identify sector-industry rotation as they happen in front of your eyes. Thereby, you can buy only in the robust industry and short, if you would like to do so, in a weak industry.

Includes fundamental analysis in the trading routine

You don’t have to exclude fundamental analysis from your trading routine because of its complexity. Using CUE fundamental and peer analysis system you can identify the best stocks across your choice of criteria like valuation, growth, dividend yield %, etc. And you can do this in minutes using scorecard and heatmap. Not weeks or months.

You can carry out this fundamental and peer analysis across an industry, sector, country or even global stocks. And you can do this in all the major stock markets of the world.


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Does not need constant tuning of chart indicators

CUE technical system has many Indicators, and each is serving a distinct purpose, there is no duplication of a signal. All of them are consistently color-coded, and you can understand them intuitively. By design, not two indicators look similar so that even without any label you know which one is which. You don’t need to set parameters for CUE indicators. Neither do you need to compare indicator values with thresholds. You can use a ready-made chart templates that serve a specific trading purpose, like entry, exit, etc. When looking for trading opportunities, you run CUE Sonar programs that look for trade setups, not only indicator values.

Supports diverse analytical approaches

With CUE system, you can carry out a 360° analysis of the market from sector-industry rotation analysis to stock fundamental-peer analysis to technical analysis. You can do that in a top-down fashion starting at the sector level. Or in a bottom-up manner, starting from the stock level.

Whatever be your style, CUE system lets you focus on your trading and leave the rest of the complexity to the system.

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About Sagar Nandi

Sagar has an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Graduate degree from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, Master’s degree in Computer Science from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and an Executive MBA degree from the National University of Singapore.

After starting his career in 1990 in Citibank, Chennai, India, Sagar worked in several multi-national and global companies. Sagar lived in Singapore for most of his professional life. His last two jobs were as Asia Pacific Vice President for Communications Global Business Unit of Oracle Corporation in Singapore and Managing Director of German Multi National Company Orga Systems where he established the Indian entity of the company and also ran the APAC Consulting business as Director.


Sagar has traveled extensively helping clients in USA, Brazil, Germany, UK, Italy, Ukraine, Bahrain, Israel, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Korea to name a few.

Sagar has been trading actively for more than fifteen years mainly in USA and India markets using Stock, and Options. During his early trading life, Sagar used many systems but did not find one that is Complete enough, Unambiguous enough and Easy to use enough for retail traders.

Frustrated with the inefficiency of the systems he saw and the often insincere approach of the systems providers he experienced, Sagar set out to create a robust system for himself.

Sagar spent many years in research, trial and error systems development, learning from experts on what works and what not, undergoing psychology courses to figure out how psychology affects trading and why unambiguity and simplicity are essential (not pleasant to have – but necessary) to successful trading.

After many sleepless nights spent in coding and testing and simulating, he created the CUE Trading System.

Eventually, Sagar left the job in 2013 and had been a full-time trader and coach to a small group of traders.

Initially, the CUE Trading System was offered only on an invitation basis to very active traders using a broker-specific platform for the USA market. Now that same robust system is available to traders all over the world as an Add-On to several world-class charting platforms.

Sagar uses CUE systems daily and uses only CUE systems for all his trading decisions. He regularly shares live trade ideas through Superior Profit Traders’ Forum that is open to the public. He is ever ready to help new and experienced traders alike with what he uses in his everyday trading.

When asked what brings the most satisfaction to Sagar in the investing and trading world, he does not hesitate a moment.

“The greatest gift of my investing career is that it let me come to know many talented and unique people spread around the world. Discuss together. Learn from each other. Support each other when one makes a mistake. Have fun together. And invest profitably together. Few other activities in my life brought distant people together so easily and so quickly. Many of these marvelous people have become good friends for life.” Sagar says.

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