Prepare for the Market

Prepare for the Market with ​​Industry Rotation Insight, Market Breadth and Market Roundup.

Add to your edges using Industry Rotation Insight.

Check Stock Scorecard before placing the next trade.

Assess Internal Health using Market Breadth.

Get ready for the week ahead with Live Market Roundup.

Choose the Products Matching Your Trading Style

Use the Precise Tools that you need to Trade Confidently in your Personal Style.

CUE Scorecard. Industry, Stock Scorecard for 1000s of Stocks.

CUE Edge.
​Win with Real-Time Industry-Rotation.

CUE Vital.
Be your own Fundamental Analyst.

CUE Global.
Use A Single Technical System for All Markets.

CUE Elite.
Get the Elite Technical System for the USA.

Decide with Confidence using Entry Checklists

Use Unambiguous Checklists to identify Low-Risk Trade Entry Points under different Market Conditions.
Go With Flow trend following trade setup

​Go With Flow Trade Setup for a Trending Market .

​Headwind Trade Setup is for a Trend Reversing Market.

Box Trade Setup for a Sideways Market.

Bounce Trade Setup for an Exhausting Market.

Watch Modular Videos on 360° Analysis

Use HD quality while playing the videos to see the charts’ details.

Watch featured videos on Investing.

Understand 360° Investing Philosophy.

Learn Effective Trading Tactics.

Read Detail Books Explaining 360° Analysis

Click any of the books to Register, Validate your email and Download the Entire Set of Books, Completely Free.

Secrets of Successful Trading - Going Beyond Market Analysis.

Trading Profitably Superior Profit Way - How to Use each of the CUE Indicators.

Trading Gaps - Everything you Need to Day Trade Opening Gaps.

Templates Quick Reference - Application of CUE Chart Templates in Trading Tasks.

Signals Quick Reference - Trade Entry Tactics once a Trade Setup is Confirmed.

Trade Entry Checklists - Unambiguous Criteria for Trade Setups in All Markets.

Start Trading Profitably using 360° Analysis

Begin your own 360° Analysis using CUE Systems. Get Industry & Stock Scorecard delivered to you.

Buy CUE Systems, set it up in minutes and
start Trading Profitably.

Get everything you need for using CUE 360°
Analysis, at a discount, using our Special Offers.


If you are new to Metastock, get the most attractive offers to get started.

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