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How the market moved & what lies ahead?

You can understand the market’s bullish or bearish nature from market futures and ETFs and further from the breadth indicators.

Sector-industry heat-map and scorecard help you see the pockets of strength and weakness. Acceleration & deceleration points to probable future moves.

Once you decide the industry to buy in, choose the robust fundamental stocks using the stock scorecard.

Finally, wait for a low-risk buy point on the technical charts.

This technique gives you the truly highest probability and lowest-risk trades in any market condition.

Market roundup

Top down analysis

  • Complete. Unambiguous. Easy to use.

How to identify trading opportunities in minutes?

The first step is to run real-time scans that identify well-defined trade setups or stock-move scenarios you have in mind on your stock universe.

Peruse the scan result using readymade chart templates and unambiguous trade checklists to confirm the low-risk technical buy point.

What remains is to ensure that both the stock and its industry are bullish. You can check that in minutes using real-time sector-industry and stock heat-map and scorecard.

This 360° technique gives you the truly highest probability and lowest-risk trades in a matter of minutes.

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bottom up analysis

  • Complete. Unambiguous. Easy to use.

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